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Issue 4
(Spring 2004)











Yannis Belonis

Manolis Kalomiris and the dark side of the German Occupation and Civil War period


Irini Theodosopoulou

“Imitation” by musical instruments: Imitating sound of other musical instruments and sounds of nature. Case-study conclusions; Cretan violin techniques


Ánastasia Georgaki

The metaphysical dimension of the synthetic sung voice in the piece Mortuos Plango – vivos voco (J. Harvey, 1981)


Sophia Kompotiati

The ethnomusicologist Béla Bartók and his fieldwork in Turkey.

Brief chronicle of a great mission



Music education


Music in society. Musical education in Greece

by George Hatzinikos



Presentations – announcements


Nikos Skalkottas: A Greek European

Benaki’s Museum – 8 March 2004



Greek music archives


Notes on Ĺpi ton potamon Vavilonos

by Ęaty Romanou


Chronological Catalogue of the Konstantinos Kydoniatis’ works

by Christos Kolovos



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