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Issue 4
(Spring 2004)




biographical notes


Anastasia Georgaki


Anastasia Georgaki was born in Lefkada. She studied Physics and music in Athens. She studied also Computer music at IRCAM (DEA and PhD in Music and Musicology of the XXth century). During the period 1995-2002 she has been teaching Musical Acoustics and Computer music at the Music Department of the Ionian University at Corfu, where she has been elected lecturer in 2001. She has participated in many computer music conferences and has published a number of articles concerning the synthesis of the singing voice, the interactive music systems and the Greek electracoustic music. She has collaborated also with the Greek Research Institute ILSP in computer music European projects. Since October 2002, she is lecturer in Music Technology at the Music Department of the University of Athens.



Christos Kolovos


Christos Kolovos was born in 1979 in Athens and originates from a musical family. He is a certified violinist of Mr. I. Tzoumanis class, of the Conservatory of Athens, in which he studied Music Theory with Mr. P. Koukos. Since September 2003 he studies at the Noord Nederlands Conservatorium of Hanzehogeschool of Groningen, Netherlands, with Mr. Florian Donderer. He has appeared in personal recitals, concerts with the “Kydoniatis String Quartet”, which he founded in 2000, as well as with various ensembles of chamber music in numerous Greek cities. Since 1998 he started the filing of the compositions of Constantine Kydoniatis, while he has worked with Mr. Takis Kalogeropoulos in his Greek Music Dictionary. He has taught in the Music High School of Ilion (2001-2003), while since June 2003 he has been writing articles for a newspaper of Kallithea.



Sophia Kompotiati


Sophia Kompotiati was born in Athens in 1978. She has graduated from the Department of Music Studies of the National University of Athens. She has attended Western Theoretical lessons with the composer Michalis Adamis and she has taken lessons on traditional instruments (oud and ney) from Christos Tsiamoulis. She has been working in several research programs in cooperation with “Friends of Music Society” of Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall, European Commission, Pedagogic Institute, etc. She has been in the organization team of various conferences and festivals (in Greece and Turkey), she has attended seminars in Greece and abroad (Turkey, Holland, etc.), she has edited books and magazines and she has been awarded with many scholarships (I.K.Y., Foundation of Antonios Papadakis, etc.). The last three years she is teaching in the conservatoire “En Organois”. From 2002 she is a PhD candidate in the field of Urban Ethnomusicology and her supervisor is Pavlos Kavouras (PhD title: “Contemporary Turkish music: the case of ethnic music”). At the same time she studies Composition with Michalis Adamis.



Katy (Ekaterini) Romanou


PhD in Musicology (University of Athens).

Master of Music in Musicology (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana).

She was a music critic at the daily He Kathemerine [The Daily] (1974-1986).

She taught in various music conservatories in Athens, Argos, Kalamata and Volos.

Since 1994 she is teaching at the Music Department of the University of Athens. She is now an Assistant Professor.

She is a member of the Editorial Board of the periodical Musicologia [Musicology].

She is the author of many articles (in Greek and foreign periodicals) and the books:

Ethnikes Musikes Periegesis. 1901-1912 [Wandering National Music. 1901-1912], 2 volumes (Cultura: Athens, 1996).

Historia tes Entechnes Neohellenikes Musikes [History of Neohellenic Art Music] (Cultura: Athens, 2000).



Irini Theodosopoulou


Ph.D. in Musicology, Faculty of Musical Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens; a recipient of “I.K.Y.” scholarship, she completed her doctoral work under the supervision of Professor George Amargianakis. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Musical Studies of the University of Athens and of the National Conservatory of Athens, where she completed her studies in piano. Presently she teaches as an adjunct member at the faculty of Musical Studies, University of Athens. During the years 1998-2003 she participated as a researcher at the following Research Programs: 1) “Thalitas: The Violin Tradition in the traditional music of Crete”, under the aegis of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (Institution of Technology and Research) [I.T.E.] and the Faculty of Musical Studies at the University of Athens; 2) “Ancient – Byzantine – Traditional music”, under the aegis of the I.M.S. / I.T.E.; and 3) “Enrichment of the Archive of traditional music”, under the aegis of the Faculty of Musical Studies at the University of Athens. Her interests and research include work on Morphology of the Greek traditional music and work in transcribing the traditional music of Greece on the system of European notation with specific signs. She has also conducted field research in various regions of Eastern and central Crete during the years 1998-2003.



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