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Issue 19

(Fall 2011)











Ioannis Fulias

Sonata forms and their theoretical evolution: The fifth sonata type (“sonata-concerto form”) in the 20th-century theory and nowadays


Ioannis Papachristopoulos

Aspects of the compositional work of Dimitri Terzakis during the last two decades


Thanasis Trikoupis

Comments on the use of the harmonic interval of semitone, the ultimate conclusive formations and the term stretto in the whole work for solo piano by Fryderyk Chopin





A Greek tribute to Beethoven in 1927

by Mando Pyliarou



Greek music archives


Music Library of ERT SA: The history of Music Ensembles of Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (1938-2010) – Part I (From the foundation until the 1960s)

by Nikos Tzioumaris



Book reviews


New editions of catalogues of works by Greek composers:

• Maria Ntourou (ed.), Yannis A. Papaioannou: Complete catalogue of works – Third edition, Institute of Research on Music & Acoustics – Philippos Nakas, Athens 2010 &

• Valia Christopoulou, Catalogue of the works of Yorgos Sicilianos, Panas Music (Greek Musicological Editions, vol. 12), Athens 2011

by Ioannis Fulias


Daniel H. Foster, Wagners Ring Cycle and the Greeks, Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Studies in Opera), Cambridge 2010

by George Vlastos


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