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Issue 12

(Spring 2008)




biographical notes


Yannis Belonis


Ph.D. in Musicology (Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens). He was born in Athens in 1973. He studied piano and music theory at the National Conservatory, and during the period 1997-2001 he attended a course of composition under the supervision of musicologist and composer George Zervos. He graduated from the Department of Musical Studies at the University of Athens in 1998. The following year he received a scholarship from the National Scholarships Institution in order to carry out his Ph.D. thesis with the subject “The Chamber Music of Manolis Kalomiris”, which was completed in 2004. He has worked in numerous Greek Conservatories since 1993, and from 2004 he has been teaching at the Department of Folk and Traditional Music at the Technological University of Epirus (Arta).

He also collaborated with Nikos Maliaras from 2001 to 2003 at the “Manolis Kalomiris” children’s choir and the period 2004-2006 he participated in a research program in the University of Athens with the title “Serbian and Greek Music. A Comparative Research”, under the scientific supervision of Katy Romanou. Since 2004, in collaboration with the publishing house “Philippos Nakas”, he has undertaken the editing of a part of the orchestral work of the composer Yannis A. Papaioannou.

He has actively participated in world international musicological conferences. His articles have been published in Greek scientific journals, in newspapers and in program notes of the Athens Concert Hall.



Ioannis Fulias


Ph.D. in Musicology (University of Athens) – personal website: http://users.uoa.gr/~foulias. He was born in Athens in 1976. In 1989 he started to receive music lessons in the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata, wherein he took the degrees in Harmony (1994), Counterpoint (1996), Fugue (1998) and Piano (1998). In 1994 he joined the Department of Musical Studies (now the Faculty of Music Studies) of the University of Athens, from where he graduated in 1999, and in which defended successfully his Doctoral Dissertation in Musicology in 2005 (Slow movements in sonata forms in the classic era. A contribution to the evolution of genres and structural types through the works of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven). He is a member of the Editorial Boards of the journals Musicologia and Polyphonia and of the Advisory Board of the last one, while he has been president and secretary of the Graduates’ Association of the Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens as well as vice-president of the Greek Association of the Organ. He has also participated in the Greek RIPM group, in scientific meetings and in international congresses, he has published several articles and translations in various Greek musicological journals and music periodicals as well as in other scientific publications, and he contributes for several years to programmes’ notes for the Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall.



Anastasia Kakaroglou


She was born in Athens. She graduated from the Department of Musical Studies and the Department of French Language and Literature of the University of Athens. She also received a piano diploma from the Atticon Conservatory of Athens. She is at present a doctoral candidate in Musicology, working on the subject “French researchers on Greek music at the end of the 19th century and the beginnings of the 20th”. Anastasia Kakaroglou holds a state scholarship and teaches music in primary school.



Sofia Kontossi


Sofia Kontossi was born in Athens, Greece. She studied with a grant at the Faculty of Music Interpretation at the “Academia de Arte G. Enescu” in Jasium, Romania, and graduated top of her class in “solo performance, chamber music, accompaniment and teaching” in 1996. She holds a Piano degree from the Greek National Conservatory, with a first prize and high distinction for “remarkable performance”, and a Harmony degree as well.

She has taken part in many master classes both in Greece and abroad with Alfred Cortot’s student Monique Deschaussées, Hans Leygraf, Paola Volpe, Frank Wibaut, Nelly Ben-Or, and won prizes in international piano competitions. She has performed in both the Munich and Athens Concert Halls and has given recitals in various cities of Greece, Romania, Italy, Spain, and Austria. She has recorded both for Greek and Romanian National Radio and Television. She teaches piano in Athens since 1996.

From 2003 she has been a candidate for a Ph.D. at the Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens. She also works on a Ph.D. at the University G. Enescu of Jasium, for which she was granted a scholarship by the Romanian Ministry of Education. She has participated at the IMS International Congress (2007). She is a member of Leonidas Zoras Archive Directory Committee.



Biljana Milanović


Biljana Milanović is musicologist, research assistant at the Institute of Musicology in Belgrade. Her work includes Serbian musical heritage of the first half of the 20th century, in various intercultural and interdisciplinary contexts. She also takes interest in music-dramatic works. Recently, her research is dedicated to the music of the Balkans in the frame of cultural studies, especially of Balkanism and Orientalism, with main attention to the collective identities and problems of the “otherness”. She has published numerous articles in scientific journals and participated in various international conferences in Serbia and abroad. Her studies are published in Serbian, English and French. She is the author of a monographic work about the composer and writer Milenko Paunović (Milenko Paunović – Two Modalities of Creation). Among her main studies are: “Analogies between the Works of George Enescu and Modern Serbian Composers”; “Studying Serbian Music between the Two World Wars: From Theoretical-Methodological Pluralism to Integral Music History”; “Dramatic Aspects of the Mature Symphonic Works of Vasilije Mokranjac”; “Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac et les aspects de l’ethnicité et du nationalisme”. Biljana Milanović was the editor of the magazine Pro musica. She is a member of the editorial board of the international musicological journal Muzikologija.



Melita Milin


Melita Milin is senior researcher at the Institute of Musicology in Belgrade. She obtained her Master of Arts degree at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and her Ph.D. at the University of Ljubljana. She has published the book The Intertwining of the Traditional and the New in Serbian Music after the Second World War (1945-1965), Belgrade 1998, and many articles in journals and conference proceedings. From 2001 to 2003 she worked on the project “Music Correspondences as Mirror of Inter-regional Cultural Relations in Central and Eastern Europe”, whose head was Prof. Helmut Loos from the University of Leipzig. She participated in the Greek-Serbian project “Serbian and Greek art music. Basic research for a comparative study” (2004-2006), with Prof. Katy Romanou from Athens University as head. She was editor of the first five annual issues of the international journal Muzikologija (2001-2005), published by the Institute of Musicology. Recent publications: Socialist Realism as an Enforced Renewal of Musical Nationalism”, in: M. Bek, G. Chew, P. Macek (ed.), Colloquium Musicologicum Brunense 36 (2001), Praha 2004, 39-43; Les compositeurs serbes et le nationalisme musical. Lévolution des approches créatrices aux XIXe et XXe siècles, in: Georges Kokkonis (ed.), Création musicale et nationalismes dans le Sud-Est européen, De Boccard (Association Pierre Belon: Etudes balkaniques), Paris 2006, 127-146.



Kostas Paparrigopoulos


Kostas Paparrigopoulos teaches music and music technology. He is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Musical Studies at the University of Athens, with thesis subject Western and eastern approach of chance in the music of Iannis Xenakis and John Cage in the decades 1950-1960, under the supervision of Ekaterini Romanou. He studied at the Music Department of the University Paris VIII and he acquired the Licence degree in the Computer assisted composition (Composition assistée par ordinateur), and the Maîtrise degree with thesis subject The formalisms in the music of Iannis Xenakis (Les formalismes dans la musique de Iannis Xenakis), under the supervision of Horacio Vaggione. He also acquired the Maîtrise degree in Urbanism from the Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris. He has participated in international musicological congresses and has published articles and translations.



Katy Romanou


Katy Romanou – Ph.D. in Musicology (University of Athens); Master of Music in Musicology (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana) – was music critic of the daily He Kathemerine (1974-1986) and taught in various music conservatories in Athens, Argos, Kalamata and Volos. Since 1993 she is in the Faculty of Music Studies of the University of Athens.

Katy Romanou is head of the Greek team and associate editor for the Greek language in RIPM (Répertoire International de la Presse Musicale / Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals, 1800-1950), and member of the editorial boards of the Greek periodicals Musicologia and Polyphonia.

She is the author of many articles and chapters (in Greek and foreign periodicals and collective editions) and the books (in Greek language): Wandering National Music. 1901-1912, 2 volumes (Cultura, Athens 1996); History of Neohellenic Art Music (Cultura, Athens 2000); Greek Music in the Olympic Games and the Olympiads (1858-1896) (Ministry of Culture / Cultura, Athens 2004); The Music Library of Corfu’s Philharmonic Society (Cultura, Athens 2004); Greek Art Music in Modern Times (Cultura, Athens 2006).

She is the editor of a trilingual collective edition entitled Aspects of Greek and Serbian Music (Orpheus, Athens 2007).



Nestor Taylor


Nestor Taylor studied music theory, harmony and counterpoint at the Athens Conservatory. He also studied composition at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and at Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds a number of diplomas and degrees in composition: LGSM, Certificate of Advanced Studies (Guildhall School of Music), and M.Mus. and M.Phil. (University of London), as well as an ALCM in Conducting.

Recordings of his works have been published by LYRA, with numerous performances in Greece (Athens Megaron Concert Hall, Greek National Opera, Goethe Institute in Athens etc.), as well as abroad (Conway Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Kioi Hall in Tokyo, Lübeck Opera Theatre, Odessa Philharmonic Concert Hall etc.).

He is a regular member of AEPI and the Greek Composers Union, and a founding member of the Athens Composers Forum. Author of the studies The Pythagorean Harmony (ed. Nefeli, Athens 2000) and The technique of string-divisi (ed. Nikolaides, Athens 2007). His music is published by Papagrigoriou-Nakas in Greece and E. C. Schirmer abroad.



Charikleia Tsokani


Charikleia Tsokani was born in Melissochori, near Thebes. She is a lecturer of Music and Communication at Panteion University of Athens, in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, teaching Music and Communication IMeanings and Symbols of Sound, Music and Communication II – Music, Myths and Archetypes, Musical Ritual and Culture; she also instructs a workshop in Culture, Sound and Musical Communication. She has published papers and articles related to the musical qualities of Greek language, the aspects of interaction in folk song, the musical experience in the 20th-century, and both the musical symbolism and impressionism. In recent years, her research has focused on the meanings and symbols of sound in ancient and modern Greek culture. Medusa’s Cry, her study for the birth of music out of myth (awarded by the Association of Greek Music and Theatre Critics, 2007) is available from Alexandria Publications.



George Vlastos


He was born in Athens in 1974. He studied piano at the Conservatory of Athens and received his diploma in 1997. The same year he graduated from the Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens. He continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Sorbonne (Paris IV) from which he had his Master Degree in Musicology. In November 2005 he defended successfully at the University of Athens his Doctoral Dissertation in Musicology entitled: “The conception of Greek antiquity in early 20th century French music: 1900-1918”. He is a member of the RIPM Greek team (Répertoire International de la Presse Musicale / Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals, 1800-1950). He has collaborated with the editorial department of the Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall, and has participated in several international musicological congresses in Greece and abroad.


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