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Issue 3
(Fall 2003)











Loukia Karakosta

“The poet speaks” through violin’s soundpost.

Robert Schumann’s Violin Concerto: a posthumous work


Daniel Koglin

Improvisation in Greek folk music. The interplay of music and dance in Thrace


Ęaterina Levidou

The Rite of Spring and Russian tradition: The quest for “Russianness


Giorgos Sakallieros

Nature, methodology and typology of music analysis.

Analytical thought in the second half of the 20th century



Music education


A brief speculation about the principles that rule the chordal progressions

by Ioannis Fulias


The Cross-Curriculum Program of Studies for Music Education

by Elissavet Perakaki



Musical practice


Violin – Lute – Guitar as folk instruments in Crete: Tuning – Repertory – Techniques

by Renata Dalianoudi



Greek music archives


Notes on Konstantinos Psachos’ Pythios Nomos

by Ęaty Romanou




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