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Issue 3
(Fall 2003)




biographical notes


Renata Dalianoudi


Renata Dalianoudi, born in Athens, is a graduate of Faculty of Music Studies of Athens University. As a post-graduate scholar of the Foundation of State’s Scholarships, she is writing her Ph.D. on Ethnomusicology with the subject: “Manos Hadjidakis and the Greek popular musical tradition” (presentation of the dissertation in June 2004). She has also studied piano at the Athens Conservatory and organ, accordion and guitar at the National Conservatory of Athens. In 1996 she obtained the Piano Diploma, the Organ Diploma and the Accordion Diploma. During her studies she won scholarships from the Foundation of State’s Scholarships (4 years), the Legacy “Papadakis” of Athens University (5 years), the Athens- and National Conservatory (8 years) and the Foundation of Technology and Research (3 years).

As assistant / substitute of the Professor of Ethnomusicology, Georgios Amargianakis, Renata Dalianoudi taught the subjects of “The Morphology of the Greek folk song” and “Introduction to the Greek folk music” at the Faculty of Music Studies of Athens University for 6 semesters. Since 2003 she is a music producer at the 3rd Program of the National Broadcasting, presenting “Rare musics from the international cinema and the theatre”.

As for her experience in research, she has participated in the following Ethnomusicological Projects of Research:

a) “THÁLIÔÁS”, under the sponsorship of the Foundation of Technology and Research, of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies and of Athens University, with the subject: “The violistic tradition in Eastern and Western Crete”.

b) “ÁÍTHĹĚĎUSÁ”, under the sponsorship of the Foundation of Technology and Research, of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies and of Athens and Patras Universities, with the subject: “Registration of cultural and musical documents of Greece (particularly of the islands of the Northern Aegean and Northern Epirus) in database”.

c) She has completed an independent bibliographical and there with a local research in Eastern and Western Crete about the old and the new tunings, the repertory related and the construction of the traditional instruments in Crete: the lute, the violin, the lyre and the guitar.

During her dissertation Renata Dalianoudi published the Complete Work List of Manos Hadjidakis in the International Biographical Dictionary Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2001) and in the German Encyclopedia Die Ěusik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (2002). She published articles about Manos Hadjidakis and Mikis Theodorakis at the portal of the newspaper ETHNOS, www.e-go.gr. Most of her scientific articles and congress speeches have been already published in the journal of the Faculty of Music Studies, ĚĎŐ.S.Á., and the journal Polyphonia. In the summer 2004 two books of hers are going to be published by the Organization of Cretan Artists:

a) The Violin and the Lute as traditional instruments in Western Crete – Tunings, Repertory, Techniques.

b) The Violin and the Guitar as traditional instruments in Eastern Crete – Tunings, Repertory, Techniques.

She has also taken part in 9 congresses concerning ethnomusicological matters in Mallia – Iraklion, Rethymno, Lousakies, Chania, Kastoria, and Lisbon. Since 1995 Renata Dalianoudi has been teaching English, French, German, Italian and Spanish at Institutes for Foreign Languages.



Ioannis Fulias


He was born in Athens in 1976. In 1989 he started to receive music lessons in the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata, wherein he took the degrees in Harmony (1994), Counterpoint (1996), Fugue (1998) and Piano (1998). In 1994 he joined the Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens, from where he graduated in 1999; at the present, he is working on his Ph.D. thesis in the same department. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Musicologia, a member of the Advisory Board of the journal Polyphonia, and president of the Graduates’ Association of the Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens. He has participated in scientific meetings and international congresses and he has published several articles and translations in various Greek musicological and musical journals. He also teaches History of Music, Musical Morphology and Harmony, and he contributes to programmes’ notes mainly for the Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall.



Loukia Karakosta


Born in Athens in 1980, she grew up in Ioannina. When she was seven years old, she started playing the violin and studying music at the Municipal Conservatory of the town. In 1998 she entered the Department of Musicology in Athens and became a member of the new-born mixed choir of the faculty. She continued her violin lessons at the Orfeion Conservatory in Athens under the guidance of Mrs Margarita Bassari. After an unexpected injury she disrupted her violin course and began classical singing lessons along with Miss Lilian Tsatsaroni. Since her graduation from the Department of Musicology in September 2003, she has been working at Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall.



Daniel Koglin


Born in Germany in 1972, Daniel Koglin studied musicology, psychology, and philosophy in Freiburg, Thessaloniki, and Berlin. His first encounter with improvisation dates back to his high school days, when he started taking lessons with jazz pianist Armin Keil. In 1997 he became acquainted with the Egyptian musician Mohammed Askari, under whose supervision he began to play darbukka and nai and to focus on Arab and Turkish classical music. He graduated from Humboldt University of Berlin, with a study on the Thracian kaval flute. From then until the end of 2003 he was on the staff of the Research Programme “Thrace and Eastern Macedonia”, directed by the Music Library of Athens “Lilian Voudouri”. In 2003 he initiated a doctoral thesis on the contemporary reception of rebetiko music.



Katerina Levidou


Born in Athens, Katerina Levidou took her first degree in Musicology at the Department of Music Studies at the University of Athens. At the same time she studied piano and music theory at the National Conservatory of Athens. Upon completion of her studies in Greece, she moved to King’s College, University of London, where she received a Master of Music, funded by the Onassis Benefit Foundation. She is currently reading for a DPhil in Musicology (provisional thesis title: “Music in Interwar ‘Russian’ Paris”) at the University of Oxford (St Antony’s College), funded by the Ismene Fitch Foundation.



Elissavet Perakaki


Elissavet Perakaki has a degree in Musical Studies from the University of Athens, and is a Doctoral Candidate in the field of Music Education at the same University. She has worked in primary and secondary schools and in conservatories. She writes book reviews for the Music Library of Greece “Lilian Boudouri” since 1997. She has actively participated in a number of seminars relating to her work and interests. She is a former member of the University of Athens Choir (1992-1997) and participated in several concerts in Greece and abroad.



Katy (Ekaterini) Romanou


PhD in Musicology (University of Athens).

Master of Music in Musicology (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana).

She was a music critic at the daily He Kathemerine [The Daily] (1974-1986).

She taught in various music conservatories in Athens, Argos, Kalamata and Volos.

Since 1994 she is teaching at the Music Department of the University of Athens. She is now an Assistant Professor.

She is a member of the Editorial Board of the periodical Musicologia [Musicology].

She is the author of many articles (in Greek and foreign periodicals) and the books:

Ethnikes Musikes Periegesis. 1901-1912 [Wandering National Music. 1901-1912], 2 volumes (Cultura: Athens, 1996).

Historia tes Entechnes Neohellenikes Musikes [History of Neohellenic Art Music] (Cultura: Athens, 2000).



Giorgos Sakallieros


Giorgos Sakallieros was born in Germany in 1972. He began his musical studies at the National Conservatory of Athens (guitar, music theory). He studied musicology at the Department of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (graduated in 1996), as long as guitar, music theory and composition at the Music College Conservatory of Thessaloniki (graduated in 1995 and 2004). He is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Music Studies, University of Athens (at the fields of Historic musicology / Greek art music and Music analysis). He has given guitar recitals, and has also participated in guitar and composition master classes. His works have been performed in Athens (Megaron) and Thessaloniki. He is currently teaching guitar and music theory at the High school for Music and the Music College Conservatory of Thessaloniki. In the year 2003, he received the “I.K.Y.” scholarship for doctoral research in musicology. Fields of study and research: History of Music in the 20th century, History and Applied method in Music Analysis, History of Greek Art Music.


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