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Issue 26

(Spring 2015)






Special issue: Western art music at the time of crisis








Pavlos Kavouras

Western art music at the time of crisis: An interdisciplinary study of contemporary Greek culture and European integration


Jim Samson

Music in crisis: Key terms and concepts


Rachel Beckles Willson

A project in flux: Tracing lines, heterogeneities, and interactions


Anastasios Hapsoulas

Western art music and Greek music education: Crisis and prospects


Nick Poulakis

Institutions in crisis? Music ensembles and cultural organisations in 21st-century Greece


Katerina Levidou

Surviving the crisis: Summer festivals of Western art music in contemporary Greece



Brief studies / Reports from the field


Private conservatories and music schools in Greece: A comparative study of the principal institutions of music education during the economic crisis

by Alexia Kallergi-Panopoulou


The Athens Concert Hall: Bridging art and education

by Eva Fourlanou


The Ergon at work: Mapping changes in the political economy of Western art music through the case study of the Ergon Ensemble

by Giorgos Manouselis


Classical music in Kalamata at the time of the economic crisis

by Dionyssis Mallouhos


Western art music in the community: The case of the Music Village

by Georgia Vavva





Festivals in Greece with Western art music, since 2008 (an indicative catalogue)

by Katerina Levidou and Georgia Vavva



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