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Issue 20

(Spring 2012)











Markos Tsetsos

Musicological Neo-Sophistic. Critical positions on the occasion of the Greek translation of a book by Nicholas Cook


Costas Tsougras

Elements of Greek folk music in Nikos Skalkottas’ May Day Spell. A symbolic mixing of diatonicism and chromaticism


Magdalini Kalopana

The Reception of Greek Antiquity in the Music of Dimitris Dragatakis


Valia Christopoulou

Modernism and Greek Antiquity in the works of Yorgos Sicilianos


Vasilis Kallis

Modes of Cross-Scalar Interaction in Twentieth Century Music



Congress contribution


The birth and the evolution of a composer: Dimitri Mitropoulos in 1910s

by Ioannis Fulias



Greek music archives


Music Library of ERT SA: The history of Music Ensembles of Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (1938-2010) – Part II (From late 1960s until nowadays)

by Nikos Tzioumaris



Book reviews


Kostas Kardamis (ed.), Spyridon-Filiskos Samaras. An homage for the 150 years since his birth, Corfu Philharmonic Society (Publications of the Music Museum “Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros”, Studies 2), Corfu 2011

by Ioannis Fulias


Yorgo Sicilianos, On Music, Benaki Museum, Hellenic Music Centre, Athens 2011

by Kostas Chardas



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