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Issue 17

(Fall 2010)











Dimitris E. Lekkas

Byzantine “soft chroma”: a systemic structural approach


Leontios Hadjileontiadis

The Strychnine Lady (1967) of Jani Christou. Relations, analogies and differentiations with the European and American Experimental Music Theatre of the decades of 1960 and 1970


Ioannis Papachristopoulos

Developmental stages of Dimitris Terzakis’ composition technique


Ioannis Fulias

Sonata forms and their theoretical evolution: The fourth sonata type (“sonata-rondo”) and other related forms


Apostolos Kostios

Music Therapy: Art in the service of science (III)



Congress contribution


A cembalo for Nabucco? – Basso continuo improvisation in 19th century opera performances in Italy and Corfù

by Katy Romanou



Book review


Giorgos Sakallieros, Yannis Konstantinides (1903-1984). Life, work and compositional style, Thessalonika: University Studio Press, 2010

by Anastasia Siopsi



Rare pages on Greek music


Extracts from Guillaume André Villoteau’s De l’état actuel de l’art musical en Égypte (VI)

by Anastasia Kakaroglou and Katy Romanou


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