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Issue 13

(Fall 2008)











Angeliki Skandali

Musical and theatrical activities of the Mertika family in Smyrna and in Athens (end of 19th century beginning of the 20th century)


Ioannis Fulias

Sonata forms and their theoretical evolution: 20th-century theorists (I)



Music education


Lullabies and their effect on the infants

by Theocharis Raptis



Modern artistic tendencies


Ēchotropia: The detection / displacement of acoustic experience in modern sound art

by Panos Panopoulos


Sound Installation Art

by Robin Minard



Musical practice


Melodic and harmonic doubling: Consecutive fifths and octaves in traditional orchestration

by Nestor Taylor



Book reviews


Vassilis Mitropoulos, The technique of melody harmonization

by Ioannis Fulias


Charikleia Tsokani, Medusas Cry

by Evdoxia Angelidou



Rare pages on Greek music


Extracts from Guillaume André Villoteaus De létat actuel de lart musical en Égypte (II)

by Anastasia Kakaroglou and Katy Romanou





Homage to Olivier Messiaen on the occasion of the 100th anniversary from his birth


International conference: Greek music for the opera and other forms of the performing arts in the 20th century


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