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Issue 6
(Spring 2005)




biographical notes


Nikos Maliaras


Dr. Nikos Maliaras was born in Athens. He studied Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature at the University of Athens, piano at the Greek National Conservatory and Musicology at the University of Munich, where he received his M.A. in 1988 and his PhD in 1990, submitting a Dissertation on the Byzantine Organ. His research involves the study of Byzantine musical instruments through textual and iconographic sources, as well as the works of recent Greek composers such as Manolis Kalomiris. His interests also include Music History and Musical Analysis. He taught at the Universities of Munich and Crete, and serves now as an assistant professor in History of Music at the Music Department of the University of Athens. He also conducts the Students’ Choir of the Department of Music Studies at the University of Athens, as well as the Children’s Choir of the Athens National Opera House.



Neoklis Neofytidis


He was born in 1976 in Nicosia of Cyprus. He has piano and music theory diplomas (Trinity College of Music), and he has also studied the violin; as a violinist he was a member of the State Youth Orchestra of Cyprus. He has passed with highest mark his studies in Musicology at the Music Department of the University of Athens. He has worked on a doctoral dissertation on Arnold Schoenberg’s transcriptions over the last three years. He is also a composer and arranger.



Katy (Ekaterini) Romanou


PhD in Musicology (University of Athens).

Master of Music in Musicology (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana).

She was a music critic at the daily He Kathemerine [The Daily] (1974-1986).

She taught in various music conservatories in Athens, Argos, Kalamata and Volos.

Since 1994 she is teaching at the Music Department of the University of Athens. She is now an Assistant Professor.

She is a member of the Editorial Board of the periodical Musicologia [Musicology].

She is the author of many articles (in Greek and foreign periodicals) and the books:

Ethnikes Musikes Periegesis. 1901-1912 [Wandering National Music. 1901-1912], 2 volumes (Cultura: Athens, 1996).

Historia tes Entechnes Neohellenikes Musikes [History of Neohellenic Art Music] (Cultura: Athens, 2000).

He Hellenike musike stous Olympiakous Agones kai tis Olympiades (1858-1896) [Greek music in the Olympic Games and the Olympiads (1858-1896)] (Ministry of Culture / Cultura: Athens 2004).

He musike vivliotheke tes Philharmonikes Hetaireias Kerkyras [The music library of Corfu’s Philharmonic Society] (Cultura: Athens 2004).



Elina Skarpathioti


She graduated from Ph. Nakas Conservatory with a diploma in piano and a degree of specialist in music theory, as well as from the University of Athens with a BA in economics. She completed graduate studies in business administration at the University of Technology in Sydney, and more recently in piano performance and ethnomusicology at Indiana University in Bloomington. She taught music theory for undergrads as Assistant Instructor and accompanied singers in the context of the preparation of opera productions at Indiana University School of Music. She has performed in Greece and abroad as a recitalist and as a member of chamber music and other music ensembles, such as the IU Latin American Popular Music Ensemble. She has also worked in various cultural organizations in Greece, in Australia and in the United States. Recently, she has been teaching piano and writing articles for various music publications.



Maria Sourtzi


She was born in Athens in 1976. She studied the piano, the violin and music theory at the Greek National Conservatory in Athens, where she obtained her degrees in Harmony and Counterpoint. In 1995 she was accepted to the Conducting Department and to the Music Theory Department of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. She studied under I. Eröd (Harmony and Counterpoint), M. A. Dittrich (Music Form and Analysis), H. Fladt and D. Torkewitz (Music Theory), and she graduated in 2003 with distinction, acquiring the title “magistra artium”. Since the December 2002, she has been working as a teacher of Music Theory in the Heraklion School of Music in Crete. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, in co-operation with the Institute of Musicology at the University of Vienna, under the supervision of D. Torkewitz and M. Angerer.


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