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Issue 2
(Spring 2003)











Stelios Psaroudakes

Primaeval aerophones and the doubtful evidence from Dispelio


Dimitri Sykias

Figure and Affect in Baroque Music


Haris Sarris

This guy has learned to play the lyra at the crossroad!...

An initiation myth from Crete


Dimitrios Balageorgos

Hymnopsaltics of the Holy Week


Panaghiotis Adam

Thomas Maces Musicks Monument. A 17th century instruction manual


Smaragdi Boura

Abu Naşr Muhammad al-Fārābī and the ancient Greek musical heritage





The Gold Medals of Athens Conservatory

by Takis Kalogeropoulos



Music education


For a natural approach of harmony rules

by ostas Klavvas


The unanswered (?) question or about counterpoint

by Stathis Kallianos



Books review


George Zervos, Nikos Skalkottas and the Early 20th Century European Tradition

George Zervos, Schönberg, Berg, Webern: 

The Crisis of Music through the Crisis of Theme and Forms

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, The Aesthetics of Music 

(translated in Greek and with a critical addendum by Markos Tsetsos)

Charles Ives, Essays Before a Sonata (translated in Greek and edited by Spyros Feggos)

by oannis Fulias



Music critique


by Dionysis Mallouhos



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